Ugh! Winter is showing us all that she's worth, isn't she? The National Weather Service is predicting a bunch of, let's just say, less than desirable weather for the next several days.

The clouds will begin to take over this evening and then overnight is when the show starts. By tomorrow morning, we should have one heck of an interesting, and messy, morning. Snow will do a dance with freezing rain in the early hours of Wednesday. That dance will continue all day going from snow to freezing rain to sleet to rain and back to snow after midnight.

Thursday will be the calm before the next storm because on Friday clouds come in again with light snow and then more snow on Saturday morning. If you have plans on Saturday evening, plan on wearing your snow gear because rain, snow and freezing rain will all make an appearance and continue into Sunday morning.

On Sunday night, you guessed it, more freezing rain after midnight which will lead us into a mostly sunny Monday.

Where's that damn groundhog?!

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