Gun violence reform, especially in Connecticut, has been given a lot of interest lately, as the state looks to crack down on recent gun-related atrocities such as the Hartford nightclub shooting and the accidental killing of Ethan Song of Guilford, according to WTNH. 

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Ethan Song was the Guilford teen who accidentally shot and killed himself with an unlocked gun he found at a friend's house. Ever since that tragic day, Kristin Song, Ethan's mother, has pushed for stricter gun safety storage laws and eventually inspired Ethan's Law, which now requires all loaded or unloaded guns to be safely stored in homes occupied by minors. The law gained attention and advocation from celebrity actor Paul Rudd back in May 2019.

Around June, 2019, Governor Ned Lamont signed the Ethan's Law bill along with two others that would further fortify gun violence policy, including the requirements of guns to have engraved serial numbers and safe storages in unattended vehicles.

Despite these improvements in the law, the recent Hartford night club shooting prompted Senator Richard Blumenthal to hold another discussion Monday in an attempt to prevent future firearm tragedies at The University of Connecticut School of Law in Hartford, CT. The gun violence reform panel, led by Blumenthal, was also attended by Song and the lawyer representing Newtown families that were affected by the Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting in 2012, WTNH reports.

This week's panel is yet another step in the right direction towards solving the gun violence issue of our state, country, and world. Gathering thought leaders on this issue to help eradicate violence is exactly what we need if we are going to make the world a better place. As key topics discussed by the panel included the illegalization of assault weapons and high capacity magazines, the state of Connecticut is looking to do its part to contribute to safer times.

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