A new song by Chris Janson? Well, hook me up. The "Buy Me a Boat" singer now says that he can "Fix a Drink".

Chris Janson has been writing songs for other country stars for a long time, and now, he's writing them for himself. Chris and I talked about that when he performed last year at the Taste of Country Music Festival 2016 on Hunter Mountain in New York.

He also brings his friends along when he shoots his music videos. I mean friends that you and I know. Famous friends who make a cameo appearance on his latest music video. As I watched the video for the first time, I quickly hit the pause button and said, "wait a minute, Chris Janson, those two guys in particular look very familiar. First of all, I'd know Luke Bryan's teeth anywhere, who wouldn't? And that other guy, yeah, I know him too. That's Dustin Lynch!"

Chris Janson's latest single makes it's debut this week on KICKS 105.5.

Bonus Interview With Chris Janson from Taste of Country 2016

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