Old Dominion's new song contains a certain word that one cannot utter on the radio. Well, that didn't stop them! Hey Old Dominion, what is that you're singing?

What am I gonna tell my kids when they see
All of this bull**** that goes down on TV
When the whole world is down on its luck
I gotta make sure they keep that chin up

They seem to have protected their squeaky clean boy scout (wink wink) reputation by bleeping out the word in question. I was wondering how they would handle that in the video and lead singer, Matthew Ramsey, literally "handles" it with a hand over his mouth. This week Old Dominion's new single, "No Such Thing as a Broken Heart", makes its debut on KICKS 105.5.

They didn't talk like that when we spoke at the Taste of Country Music Festival last year. Hey boys, I may have to wash your mouths out with soap.

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