Thomas Rhett may be raising a genius. The "Marry Me" singer recently filmed a video of his 2-year-old daughter Willa Gray writing a W on her own. He shared the exciting moment with the world on Instagram.

"Willa Gray is 2 and just wrote a “W” on her own.. is that normal?" he captions the sweet clip.

Willa Gray is adorable as she draws the W as a picture, instead of simply writing it, her head down over the paper in concentration as her mother, Lauren Akins, looks over her shoulder.

"Are you a genius?" her proud father asks from behind the camera, to which she nonchalantly replies, "Yes." He then prompts her to say, "I'm a genius," just like any dad might.

Thomas Rhett's Baby Girl Is So Photogenic!

Lauren also seems proud of her daughter's penmanship skills. "She is drawing them, kind of," she admits.

The happy couple are not shy when it comes to sharing some of the exciting moments at home with their two daughters. They adopted Willa Gray in May of last year, and Lauren gave birth to Ada James in August. Since the two girls were welcomed into the family, they've been sharing videos of each child's little milestones.

A recent video captured on Rhett's fan page shows Ada James playing a fun game of peek-a-boo with her aunt. Little Ada James is all smiles as her aunt entertains her and even lets out a little scream of delight when her aunt pops up from her highchair.

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