The Facebook live video was so horrific that Fox43 news could not show the footage.

According to a, the man who drove his car into a hospital emergency room and then set himself on fire, filmed the entire event on FB live. His name is Steven Ellam, and he proceeded to crash his car head-on into the hospital ER where he made this declaration:

Donald Trump, where are you? My name's Jesus Christ and I'm in Middletown, Connecticut and I'm going to attack one of your headquarters right now. Middlesex Hospital is not safe.

After steering his car into the sliding glass doors of the ER's walk-in entrance, he proceeded to set himself on fire. He was then rushed to Bridgeport Hospital with burns and is in critical condition. 30 patients and 20 staff members were evacuated and it's amazing that no one at Middlesex Hospital was injured.

Ellam has accumulated quite a police record since he's been 14 years old and is well known by police officers in Middletown. I don't want to jump to any conclusions but could mental illness have played a part in this tragic scenario?

When are we going to step up and treat mental illness as we treat physical illness? It's not just a few people here and a few people there that suffer from mental illness. According to, mental disorders affect 20% of American adults! 42,773 people killed themselves in 2014 which places suicide as the 10th leading cause of death.

When is the medical community going to wake up and start treating mental illness as a life-threatening disease like cancer or heart disease? If you've lived with a loved one that has a mental illness, you would understand exactly what I'm talking about.

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