The Hartford Yard Goats a minor league farm team of the Colorado Rockies, ended up cancelling a promo event that some animal rights activists were not in favor of.

The "Cowboy Rodeo Monkey Show" which features dog-riding monkeys was supposed to be a part of the entertainment at a Yard Goat game this season, but once it was announced, complaints started to come in, and soon after the show was cancelled reports WFSB 3 Hartford, TV.

Susan Linker, a representative of Our Companions Animal Rescue, stated:

People in Connecticut love animals, they care about animal welfare and this is not the type of entertainment that our state appreciates.

The ballpark often adds special entertainment to enhance the baseball experience for fans, and this particular show is popular at rodeos and at minor league baseball parks around the nation, but this show was not well received by Connecticut residents. The "The Cowboy Rodeo Monkey Show" was called off on Monday.

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