If you've never heard of Staatsburg before let us help you in getting to know the small hamlet located inside the town of Hyde Park in Dutchess County. Because who knows, if you ever find yourself looking for some golf, maybe some history, and a bite to eat, Staatburg has a little bit of everything.

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Mills Mansion

The Hudson Valley has numerous historic locations that offer guests the chance to walk the grounds, but the one place most of us love going to is located on the grounds of the Staatsburgh State Historic Site. Mills Mansion located at 75 Mills Mansion Drive, Staatsburg was built in 1832 and expanded in the 1890s to become one of the Hudson Valley's most beautiful estates. The 25 room greek style mansion is an example of the wealth some families had during the American Renaissance. It was once home to Ogden Mills and his wife Ruth Livingston and is now a New York State Historic Site and is an elegant example of the beautiful homes built by America’s financial and industrial leaders during the Gilded Age according to their website. The mansion is also the home of "music in the park", a weekly summer concert series.

Staatsburg Once Had the Letter H in the Spelling

Fun facts that most of us had no idea about is what we love about a town that becomes the Wolf "hometown of the week"! Susan texted us that the town Staatsburgh was named after combing the names of two people that owned the land patent way back when. Dr. Samuel Staats and Dirck Vanderburgh's names were combined to come up with "Staatsburgh". The "H" was dropped om 1890 according to Wikipedia.

Google Maps
Google Maps

Staatsburg is Home to the 3rd Oldest Golf Course in the United States

The Dinsmore Golf Course located at 199 Old Post Rd, Staatsburg, is officially the 3rd oldest golf course in America and according to Brain, our Staatsburgh authority it's been an 18 hole course since the 1960s.

River and Post

Melinda texted us that one of her favorite restaurants, River and Post in Staatsburg is a must-try for anyone. She told us anytime she went there to eat everything was unbelievable! She also said if we go we have to try the "schnitzel"! The River and Post, located at 57 Old Post Rd, Staatsburg.

If you live in Staatsburg and want to share a "stat" we should add to our list, please text us through the Wolf Country app.

Take a Look Inside the Abandoned Bowling Ally in the Staatsburg Firehouse

The Old Staastburg Firehouse (now Roosevelt Engine Co 5.) houses an abandoned bowling ally. Local Hudson Valley firefighters tell us that they believe the bowling ally was created back in the 50s and was used until the early 90s.

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