Delete--delete--delete! That’s what you want to do if you see an email  like this in your inbox.

It turns out scammers and hackers are doing it again. Now they’re coming at us masquerading as the Department of Motor Vehicles. They’re sending bogus emails that appear to be from the New York State DMV, but are actually a virus according to WNBC TV, New York.

Here’s how it works. You get the email saying you have a ticket that must be paid within 48 hours or you lose your license. It has a link asking you to plead guilty or refute. The first thing you think to yourself is: man that ticket from last summer, did I pay that? Or could I have overlooked something in the past from the DMV? Or perhaps they've got me confused with someone else?

Experts advise us NOT to click on these links which will take you to a download containing a virus.This virus will look to gather personal info about you from you computer. They say if you do somehow open it by accident, run your anti-virus software immediately. Yikes!

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