Is Carly Pearce the next big country star? Her new single, Every Little Thing, makes its debut this week on KICKS 105.5 and it is an amazingly intimate song that has all the feels.
The scent that you left on my pillow
The sound of your heart beating with mine
The look in your eyes like a window
The taste of your kiss soaked in wine
Every little thing
I remember every little thing
The high, the hurt, the shine, the sting
Of every little thing
Guess you forgot what you told me
Because you left my heart on the floor
Baby, your ghost still haunts me
But I don't want to sleep with him no more
If those lyrics are making you want to hear the song right now, I've got you covered. While you will hear it on KICKS 105.5, here's a video of Carly Pearce performing this very special song live:

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