As I headed home after work this past Wednesday evening, a weather alert appeared on my phone. The sky was quickly turning an ominous color and the text alerts were coming in fast and furious calling for a tornado warning!

I parked the car, ran into the house while calling my son to see if he was safe. He wasn't picking up his phone. I continued dialing him like a mad-mom while I searched for something to transport my three cats in just case we really did need to get to our underground storage area. It was then that I remembered that I never got the pet carriers back that I had loaned out. The sky continued getting worse, turning a color I have never seen.

My husband, my son and I watched the weather reports as they pinpointed a swirling mass of air which was just a few miles away and moving straight towards our home. The sky getting darker and weirder and I have to admit, I was really getting freaked out. Thankfully, the swirling mass disipated and we barely got rain.

After the nightmare that could have been was over, I thought that the wrong time to think about what you would do is when you are in the situation.

Not that you have to have a "Tornado Kit" but you should have these few things readily available to grab and go:

  • An extra set of keys kept in a place where you know they will always be- so you are not panicking to find a set in a situation where you have to leave the house.
  • A portable and charged cell phone charger and cord.
  • One pet carrier per pet. Believe me, this would have saved a lot of stress the other night if I had three.
  • Make sure you know where the nearest underground area is. If that area is locked, make sure those keys are with your extra set of house keys.