I never really thought about it until I came across a survey of 2,000 families that said more than half of them say they have them in their houses.

Picture this, it's Friday night and you and the family are setting up for a little family time. Someone orders the pizza, everyone agrees on what movie to watch and everyone gathers in the living room at your house. Where does everyone sit? Do you have unofficial assigned seats?

I've never really thought about it until I came across a survey of a bunch of families that asked if they had unofficial assigned seats in their homes. 66% of families asked said that they did and after thinking about it, I actually have assigned seats in my house as well.

I get the left side of the couch, the kids get the middle, and right side of the couch, and my dog Smalls gets the recliner. Yes the dog gets the most expensive piece of furniture I own, the leather recliner...LOL!

As a kid in the house I grew up in, if we all watched TV together my step-dad Phil had "his" chair in the living room and if anyone was sitting in it when he came in the room we knew we had to get up so he could sit. I made the mistake one night by not moving, and he "politely" picked me up out of the chair and moved me himself...LOL!

Do you have assigned seats at home? Lauren from Middletown texted us, "Yes!! Everyone has assigned seats recliners for the parents, one end of the couch for one kid other end for the second kid dogs in the middle so they can’t bother each other during the movie lol!" Andy texted in that if he's caught in his wife's spot, "she'll beat me!" LOL!!!

How about at your house? Call or text us through the Wolf app.

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