If you have a loved one or friend in one of the area hopitals, as of today, (Thursday), you are not allowed to visit.

We've been through this before. You'll remember that after the start of the pandemic all visitaiton was paused as hospitals became overrun with COVID-19 patients.

Well it's happening again as the latest Delta varrient starts to surge in our area, and local hospitals start to fill up.

According to newstimes.com, and a company news release, Nuvance Health, which includes Danbury, New Milford, Norwalk, and Sharon Hospitals have paused visitation for most of their patients.

In a news release, Nuvance Health said the no visitors policy applies to all hospital units, the emergency department, all ambulatory services, and local medical practices run by the them.

The writting was on the wall as early as last week. My mom was hopitalized for a few days, and during that time the visitation hours shifted from 11 AM until 7 PM with two of the same visitors allowed per day, to 1 PM to 7 PM with only one visitor a day allowed.

Right now there is no timeline for the pause in visitation, but it was precipitated by a few dozen patients who have recently been hopitalized for COVID-19 in the four Nuvance Health hospitals. There were 12 cases of patients at Danbury Hospital, eight at Norwalk Hospital, and four at Sharon Hospital. No cases of hospitalizations have been reported yet for New Milford Hospital.

This time, unlike the last time visitation was put on hold, there are a few exceptions.

Those who would be allowed limited visitation would be those under 21 years of age, patients in the neonatal intensive care units, and those in the maternity unit. Also visitors will be allowed to see end of life patients, and people with intellectual or developmental disabilities.

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