This morning I decided that I wanted Dunkin' coffee, so I took a ride into the 4 Corners area of Brookfield to stop at my usual Dunkin, at 782 Federal Road. I knew something was amiss, because it was 8:30AM, and there was no line stretching back to Main Moon. In fact, there was no line at all. I pulled up to the drive-thru order stand, and it was blank. Around the corner, I found the note on the drive-thru window, that you can see in the above photo.

It says -

"Our store is closing on 8/16/21 at the end of the day. We are moving to 756 Federal Road and will reopen on Saturday 8/21/21. Meanwhile, please visit our other locations: 7 Federal Road, 177 Federal Road."

If you haven't seen their new location, I stopped and snapped a couple of photos, the new Dunkin is located in the old Hearth Restaurant building, which shut down in 2018.

Photo by Large "Conveniently Located" Dave

They have traffic cones blocking off the newly paved driveway, but you can see from the photo, the new Dunkin is at least 2-3 times the size of their former spot up the road. This is the second time since I've been working in Brookfield that Dunkin has moved. I started going there when they were located at the end of the building next to the now closed Pancho's & Gringo's.

Photo by Large "Where's Trader Joe's?" Dave

I also noticed while I was there that the Brookfield Technology Center has also relocated. Now they're located in New Milford, right near the Sonic.

Photo by Large "TRS-80" Dave

Across the street from the new Dunkin' location, at the newly-cleared out space by the Greenway, there's a lot of dead trees, shrubbery, and open ground. Still no big moves at the new development. We'll keep our eyes on it.

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