It's awful seeing a large police presence around a school bus, and I don't even have kids.

I was on my way into work this morning on Main Street North in Southbury, and I saw tons of flashing lights at the intersection in front of Southbury Plaza. As I crept closer, traffic was getting slower and slower.

A school bus had been rear-ended at the traffic light. I could see the crumpled hood of the car that had hit it. It looked like it was a really bad impact, there were pieces of debris and glass all over the road, and a few of the multiple state and Southbury police officers were kicking the bigger chunks into the center median.

This is a very busy intersection in Southbury. Not only do you have the very heavy Southbury Plaza traffic flowing onto Main Street, it's basically right off of Exit 15 of I-84, which pours thousands and thousands of vehicles into this tiny congested stretch.

A lot of times, the traffic coming off of 84 Westbound at Exit 15 backs up from that traffic light at Main Street right back onto the 84 West ramp, causing a good 1/4 mile of impatient drivers.

And there you go, someone who was in a rush to beat that light wasn't paying attention to the school bus that had slowed down in front of them.

The mass media sites are just picking up on this story, NBC Connecticut just wrote up a little blurb. But I drive through this intersection every workday. Even though my kids weren't involved, I'm still directly affected, and effecting this intersection every day. I think Southbury should do some serious surveying and observing of the traffic patterns through this very hectic intersection of their town. It's heartbreaking seeing so many concerned police officers and first responders talking to innocent children on the side of a very busy road.


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