New information has been released regarding a fatal jet ski accident over Memorial Day weekend.

Earlier this week we told you about a tragic jet ski accident that happened on the Hudson River near the Newburgh waterfront and according to police we now have more information about what happened.

Jet Ski Accident in Newburgh, New York

Back on Saturday, May 27th at approximately 2:48 p.m. first responders were dispatched to a call of a reported jet ski accident on the Hudson River near the Newburgh waterfront in the City of Newburgh. New York State Police, City of Newburgh Police, and Mobile Life EMS responded quickly to the scene and according to a preliminary investigation four people from New Jersey were involved in the collision.


4 People Involved in Jet Ski Accident

Police are now confirming that four jet ski riders were involved in a collision that claimed the life of one of the riders. According to a New York State police press release, 48-year-old Jorge Arribasplata from Saddlebrook, New Jersey, and 49-year-old David Torres from Lodi, New Jersey, were both operating jets skis with passengers on the Hudson River Saturday when one jet ski turned in front of the other causing a collision.

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The jet skis were traveling north when the collision occurred causing all 4 riders to be thrown into the river. According to police, local boaters at the nearby Newburgh marina immediately offered aid and helped to get everyone involved in the accident out of the river.


Police have identified 48-year-old Charles Sanchez from Belleville, New Jersey as the passenger on the jet ski that was being operated by Torres. First responders once on the scene transported Torres and Sanchez to St Luke’s Hospital in Newburgh to receive treatment for their injuries. Torres is listed in critical condition but unfortunately, his passenger, Charles Sanchez, was pronounced deceased at the hospital.

Alcohol Not a Factor in Jet Ski Crash

Police did confirm that the accident is still an ongoing investigation but did confirm that alcohol was not a factor in the crash as neither the operators nor their passengers on either jet ski had consumed any alcohol before the accident.

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