Health experts have pointed fingers at McDonalds restaurants for years for contributing to the obesity epidemic. In response, they’re making some changes to their kids meals according to CNBC. The changes are all about helping New York and Connecticut residents slim down starting with our kids.


McDonalds is attempting to cut calories, saturated fat, sodium and sugar from choices on the Happy Meal Menu. This menu change will remove two favorites: cheeseburgers and chocolate milk.


When McDonalds first aimed to trim calories and sugar from the menu four years ago by eliminating soda, Happy Meal sales fell 14 percent. So they do face a risk by implementing this.


CNBC says that we should see these changes by June. If you have kids that are super picky eaters and cheeseburgers are their favorite don't worry, you will still be able to special order cheeseburgers or chocolate milk along with a Happy Meal. The goal is to reduce how often kids order these items by not listing them.

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