A pilot program is underway in Washington DC, Colorado, Idaho, Wyoming, and Maryland where drivers show cell phones versions of their drivers licenses. If this plan is successful, your New York or Connecticut license may be obsolete in it’s current form.

The upside? No struggling to find it in your wallet. A lot of people have security concerns regarding use of this program. Fox News says that a cyber security company has been working on this issue and others.

With this special app in development both sides of your license is displayed, although it’s much more than just a picture of it. There are lots of fancy technological nuances. If it’s being used to buy alcohol, only the applicable info is shown and the motorist's privacy is protected however, police are able to see the all of the info.

If these pilot programs show positive results New York and Connecticut may adopt this technology. To that end, a choice between an electronic or hard copy would likely be available within the next 5 years.

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