He's a State Rep from New Milford and the top-dog at New Milford's Harrybrooke Park, Billy "Mo" Buckbee says he's fired up for Halloween.

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Buckbee was a guest on our sister station. The fellas set aside state matters for the morning, to focus more on the frightening event coming to Harrybrooke Park this Halloween.

Harrybrooke is hosting its annual Scarrybrooke Park Haunted Trail on October 14,15, 21 & 22. We asked Mr. Buckbee about it, and this is what he had to say:

"It's unbelievable, it's $20 a ticket, most places you go to are fifteen minutes, twenty minutes, you walk-through, you get your little scare and you move on. Ours is at least forty five minutes, start to finish. It helps seven local non-profits, they're all New Milford non-profits, so you've got two Boy Scout troops, you got Camella's Cupboard, you got the Lions Club, there is a ton, plus Harrybrooke Park. The idea of the scare with us, and this is with everything we put out, we want you to pee your pants, that's our goal."

It's at this point in the interview that I remarked "I love pee" and then quickly retracted the statement because I don't love pee.

Buckbee went on to emphasize the scale of the event, saying:

"It's an incredible effort that everyone is putting forward. They are building stuff, I was there today, there is whole dedication to Stranger Things in there this year. There is an old west town, there is a scarecrow area, there's pirates, you name it, there is everything."

Buckbee told us that last year, one of the dates was rained out and they still had over 5,000 people for the other three evenings. You can listen to the Harrybrooke Park portion of our discussion with Buckbee below.

You can hear our entire interview with New Milford Rep Billy "Mo" Buckbee below. In the long-form version we spoke about the Annabelle event and were able to fit in some talk about the political side of things, discussing Buckbee's re-election campaign.

The Annabelle appearance that Buckbee spoke of will take place as a separate special event on October 30th, get your tickets now.

Harrybrooke Park
Harrybrooke Park

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