Politics have been at the forefront for the past few years and it is more important than ever to be educated before you go and vote. Part of the voter education process may be the 'endorsements' that happen, from who they come from and who they go to are important.

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According to a press release from Michelle Coelho for State Senate Campaign, she recently received the endorsement of The Connecticut Fraternal Order of Police. Here is a portion of the press release sent to us this week:

Michelle Coelho, Republican candidate for the State Senate in the 24th District, held a press conference to announce her endorsement by The Connecticut Fraternal Order of Police. “It is our honor as members of the Connecticut State Fraternal Order of Police to endorse Michelle Coelho,” said Sgt. John Krupinsky of the Connecticut State Fraternal Order of Police. “As greater Danbury’s new state senator, Michelle will be a friend of law enforcement. I urge all citizens living in Danbury, New Fairfield and Ridgefield to join us in voting for Michelle Coelho, to bring about a safer Connecticut.”

As it says in the press release, Coelho is a Republican candidate for the State Senate in the 24th District and her opponent is the incumbent Democrat Julie Kushner.

Coelho is a first-generation Cuban American and is married with three kids. She is also a member of the Danbury Board of Education and her main gig is as a Construction Project Manager. That information comes to me from a letter to the editor in the Newstimes. Here is a pic of Michelle with morning show guy Lou Milano at the recent San Gennaro festival in Downtown Danbury.

Lou Milano
Lou Milano

The upcoming election has been a hotbed of activity with both sides furiously campaigning all the way up until Tuesday, November 8th. Thanks for hanging out with me again and I will see you again very soon.

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