I was speaking with a coworker this morning and he mentioned he goes to the same New Milford Dunkin' Donuts every morning but he couldn't get in today and the company had left a note.

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He and I wondered what was behind it? Why the decrease in hours? Was this Dunkin' facing what so many eateries were encountering recently, were they short-staffed or maybe even on their way out?

I went to the Dunkin at 370 Danbury Road in New Milford to check it out and there was a vague note that read:

"Effective 8/18/2021 this location will be closing at 4 pm daily until further notice. We apologize for the inconvenience. 

Please visit our other location closest to us at 163 Danbury Road next to Panera Bread."

Lou Milano
Lou Milano

There was not much of an explanation as to why the change had come. Their regular closing hours are listed on the door as 7 pm each day. I tried to get inside, but the door was locked while the inside seemed busy with employee activity. I managed to speak to an employee who was on break.

I asked why the early closure? Why I couldn't get into the inside of the restaurant? He told me the drive-thru is open and will remain so but only until 4 pm. He said the interior is closed until further notice due to remodeling but could not nail down when it would be completed.

Lou Milano
Lou Milano

Good news, New Milford, America still runs on Dunkin' and you will have your Danbury Road location revamped and back to full operation sometime soon.

This was my favorite spot to get Dunkin on my way out of town when I lived in New Milford. I had a Dunkin Donuts location two feet from my apartment when I lived there on Church Street but I don't like getting out of the car two seconds after I get in, in the morning.

I'd rather get in the car and drive a few miles before I have to stop, I know it's a sick mental block but It's my burden, and I'm cool with it. This is also the Dunkin location that would never seem to run out of whatever it takes to make an iced caramel latte. The iced caramel latte is my go-to drink when I run on Dunkin' and some locations run out of whatever goes in it.

P.S. The answer to your question is: Me. I care, I grew up around here, I'm used to having a Dunkin' every few miles and when I want it. I need to know a Dunkin' is close by when I'm ready to enjoy it.

P.S. 2 - This is dedication to your craft. You see this photo below?

Lou Milano
Lou Milano

You can see my dopey reflection in the window. I'd like you to imagine what it must be like to wander up to the entrance of Dunkin' Donuts with your phone, start snapping pictures of the door and then ask the employees a bunch of weird, probing questions.

It doesn't sound embarrassing or weird, until you are doing it and that is my life. If you don't think it's a big deal, go try it some time. Go to any business, start taking pics and interrogating everyone and tell me what you think. Trust me, it gets super uncomfortable and I actually love it.

I could temper some of the awkwardness by introducing myself, telling people what I do for a living and explaining what organization I work for but I don't. I leave that until their curiosity and anxiety is at it's height. Cool, huh?

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