I squished and scratched the roof of my car in a Danbury parking garage just before one of the best meals I've had in awhile at Danbury's Mothership on Main.

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It was my fault, I mean, I was deep in conversation, driving an oversized soccer mom tank, and backing into an area that anyone can clearly see is getting smaller and smaller as you go.

Complete Walk Through Guide to Not Smash Your Roof at This Danbury Parking Garage

I wanted to hang with my wife and grab some grub at a Danbury's Mothership on Main, it sounds simple enough but I can take the smallest thing and make it way more difficult than it needs to be. My family and I ended up on a rollercoaster of emotion, experiencing everything from joy, to embarrassment, to laughter and finally, gleeful dining. This is what not to do when parking your car at Mothership.

Erica was driving, since you asked. In fairness, I would have made the exact same mistake, we were having a blast. The fact that I would have screwed up in the same way, did not stop me from reminding her again and again that she was the one behind the wheel when our roof was nearly peeled off. I couldn't help but say I'd never make this mistake. She responded by giving me the finger, the middle one that stands for F--- off in America.

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