If you have a teenager that is preparing to take their drivers test, a change to how they find out if they passed or failed the driving test has started in New York.

Think back to when it was time for you to take your drivers test, it was probably stressful for you like it was for me. I remember taking my test in Catskill, New York with a man that made me feel like I was going to fail no matter how good I could drive...LOL!

Well I didn't fail, the only thing I struggled a little with was the whole 3-point turn thing because I took my test in my parents Dodge Caravan. For some reason I couldn't get it in reverse smoothly and the test guy made a "OOHHH" sound when I slammed the car into reverse...LOL! When the test was done he told me I passed and it was like winning the lottery, such a great feeling.

That feeling will have to wait for any teens that are taking driving test nowadays because, according to Hudson Valley 360, the Department of Motor Vehicle has announced that they are changing the way test takers find out if they passed or failed the road test.

The days of the road test examiner telling drivers "pass or fail" are gone. From now on, anyone taking the driving test will have to wait until the end of the day they took their test to find out if they passed or failed. Potential drivers will have to check online to see if they passed or failed. The change is in response to attacks by potential drivers against the examiners scoring the road test. No attacks have been reportedly locally.

Columbia County Clerk, Holly Tanner told HV 360 that, "People can find out if they've passed their driving test after 6 p.m. online the day they take their test". When asked if this was a change that was going to stay in place for the future, Tanner said, "It's not a set in stone policy, I guess its something they are going to revisit."

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