White Orchids covered Mary Tyler Moore's final resting place as well as roses and other flowers at Oak Lawn Cemetery in Fairfield, Connecticut today according to the Connecticut Post. A five-foot statue of an angel seated was placed near her tomb. There was a flower arrangement just by Mary’s grave which formed the letter "M," reminiscent of the “M” on her apartment wall on The Mary Tyler Moore Show according to US Weekly. It was a somber final farewell to the Actress who passed away at the age of 80 on Wednesday.

Just before her burial there was a brief service for friends and family attended by about 50 people in a white chapel. The group “was very quiet, a small group," Fairfield Police Lieutenant James Perez told the Connecticut Post. " It's a beautiful site that she's at. It's nice what the family did. It was a nice little send off for her."

Lieutenant Perez said the only celebrity he saw at the ceremony was Bernadette Peters. Bernadette starred alongside Mary in the 1990 TV movie The Last Best Year.

Mary will be sorely missed by her Connecticut neighbors and friends as well as fans all over the world.

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