Last Monday was the deadline to file for a license to operate a medical marijuana dispensary in Connecticut, and applications piled in from all corners of the state.

The Connecticut Department of Consumer Protection in Norwalk is fielding the submissions, and they got inundated with applicants according to the News Times. In all, there were 73, which seems to be more than the department expected.

The applicants will all be reviewed in private process where the best candidates will be chosen to receive licenses. The public will not be clued into the selection process. The Department of Consumer Protection is treating the situation as if they were private bids coming in. Once the permits are granted, the public will be alerted as to who will operate the dispensaries.

Massachusetts and New York make all of the info available to the public. So, basically, the general public won’t know anything regarding which neighborhoods and towns will host a dispensary until the licensees are chosen.

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