Here we are in the second half of April and as I type this, my fingertips are screaming "I'm freezing, get some gloves on, girl!"

Calm down, digi-tops, it's time to ask the expert. Once again, I contacted our Meteorologist, Bill Jacquemin, from Connecticut Weather Center. Here's how that conversation went:

Me: Bill, seriously, I can NOT!

Bill Jacquemin: Linda, Hello! You live in the Northeast.

Me: Are parkas still a thing?

OK, so maybe I just made that whole conversation up. But, I did ask him, and this is what he really said:

Why is there still snow in the forecast????  It is spring, after all.....well.... only according to the calendar. An active winter-like jet stream has kept the below normal cold over the area for most of this month. As a result, temperatures are running 5-10 degrees below normal and that makes for some winter-like precipitation to mix in at times. The storm today will carry a cold rain with it and as the showers end tonight, There will be wet snow mixing in with the rain  before the precipitation moves away and skies begin to clear.  Temperatures will remain in the chilly 40's this afternoon then drop into the lower 30's-near freezing-tonight.  There will be partly sunny skies tomorrow and with some sunshine it will get a bit milder--reaching 50-55-but still a bit below normal. This weekend will feature mostly sunny skies and milder weather with highs reaching through the upper 50's Saturday and near 60 for highs Sunday. -Meteorologist Bill Jacquemin, CT Weather Center

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