Here's a tip: don't steal tips from your local ice cream shop. One Hudson Valley ice cream shop is looking for information regarding a tip thief.

On Thursday, April 14th, 2022, the Hyde Park Dairy Queen location shared an unfortunate status update on its Facebook page. According to security cam footage, a man stole the tip jar. The Hyde Park location wrote on Facebook "Not sure why people need to steal my employee's tips. Get a job." with the attached video:


After posting the video, comments and tips came pouring in. So much so that the Dairy Queen Hyde Park location then took to its Facebook page and shared the following update:

Would really like to thank our wonderful community for reaching out to us. We do know who the people are and gave them a chance last night to return it but they wanted to play stupid. Seems many people were very eager to let us know who they are. It is in the hands of the HP police now. Thank you.

One commenter wrote: "Wow! Unreal" with a sad face emoji. Another wrote: "What the Hell is wrong with people."

Sadly this isn't the first time that there has been a theft at the Hyde Park Dairy Queen. In September of 2021, security cam footage shows a man walking up to the lovely flowers that surround the Hyde Park location and ripping them out of the ground. You really can't make this up, we'll let the video speak for itself:


If you have any information about the  Dairy Queen tip taker, reach out to the Hyde Park Police Department. They can be reached at (845) 229-9340.

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