"He calls the chicken police on me!!"

We can be thankful that something like this didn't happen in the Hudson Valley but it did happen and I'll give you a second to figure out where it went down?....

Strange Things Happen in Florida

Yup, Florida is home to some of the weirdest stories you'll ever hear, and just last month one of those strange stories made national headlines as one man spent a month in jail for allegedly killing his neighbor's pet rooster according to Local 12.

James Nix Jr. claims that he was simply defending himself after his neighbor's pet rooster "Big Roo" tried to attack him, "It's neck flares up and he's doing his thing and he's trying to jump up on me".

When the rooster attacked, Nix armed with a stick tried to defend himself, "I try to hit it but the chickens jumping up at me and I accidentally knocked in the head, you know, call it a lucky shot whatever."


"He Calls the Chicken Police on Me"

The hit killed the rooster and when owner Jason DeFelice came home that day and found his rooster lying in a ditch dead. Upset, DeFelice told Nix he was calling the police.

"Next thing you know he calls the chicken police on me".

The chicken police turned out to be the area animal control office and after investigating they charged Nix Jr. with animal cruelty.

The animal cruelty charge came with a one-month jail sentence for Nix, who still feels like he did nothing wrong. "Chickens die every day, people, at Churches, Popeyes, Kentucky Fried Chicken, really."

Wrongfully Charged?

If you have ever been around roosters you already know that they can be super aggressive and if you are on the receiving end of their anger it can be scary. Did Nix do anything wrong? Was a month in jail too much? Call or text us through the Wolf country app.

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