It is Feline Friday once again. According to, we apparently missed the Setsubun Festival on February 3 which marks the end of winter. I am all for ending winter so let's get with this awesome Japanese tradition which goes like this:

Rolled sushi is to be eaten in the evening with your eyes closed. Then, in silence, you make a wish "facing the auspicious direction of the new year."

I am not exactly sure what that means, but, fear not feline fanatics and friends, for I, your official Lady of Cat, have found a cat video on this very celebration.

To get us into the purrfect mood for such festivities, below is Maru and partner, our favorite Japanese kitties, with their own sushi rolls which have been scented with catnip.

Mmmmmmm, is there anything better than catnip? Enjoy the video, Happy Feline Friday, Happy Caturday and I will meet you at the sushi bar. Meow!

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