It's that time of year when everyone starts thinking about Girl Scout cookies.There's nothing like a few boxes, but you need to have a connection to make that happen.

You know that Suzy and I have been looking to get our hands on some of those yummy Girl Scout cookies for a while now. Well, they finally got their chance, but they had to play "Are You Smarter Than a Danbury Girl Scout?" Enter Daniella from Danbury, who's part of Girl Scout Troupe 50485.

She paid us an in-studio visit with lots of cookies to sell. That's when we decided to play a little game, "Are You Smarter Than a Danbury Girl Scout?", with very high stakes —Girl Scout Cookies. Daniella asked us five questions found in the Girl Scout Handbook. For every question we got wrong, we would then have to buy two boxes of cookies each.

So how many boxes do you think we had to buy? Are we really smarter than a Girl Scout? Check out the video and find out:

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