Katherine Berman, the late wife of veteran ESPN broadcaster, Chris Berman, is the focal point of a new lawsuit according to the New York Post. In a May 2017 car accident, she killed herself, and another driver, authorities say. The new litigation blames her driving under the influence, on another party. The family of the 87 year-old driver she killed, has launched the complaint.

The family is suing the restaurant that served Katherine in Woodbury, Connecticut just before she pulled out in her car at around 2:15 pm for an undisclosed amount of money. The claimants state that Katherine was being served alcohol there as she was already intoxicated.

The 87 year-old man had just visited his wife’s grave and was on his way home. Reports state that as she struck him from behind, it caused him to be ejected out of his car. The injuries he sustained ended up killing him.

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