The National Weather Service has issued Hazardous Weather Alerts due to the heat indexes which are enveloping our area for the last two days. That's the magic number, when there are two days in a row with excessive heat, it triggers Heat Advisories and Air Quality Action Days.

Heat Advisory - stays in effect until tomorrow (Wednesday August 29) at 9pm. The National Weather Service warns that a Heat Advisory can be fatal to indivuduals who are sensitive to heat. HEAT STROKE IS AN EMERGENCY! If you are working outdoors, The National Weather Service says to schedule frequent breaks.

Air Quality Alert - remains in effect until 11pm tonight. When the National Weather Service issues an Air Quality Action Day it means that Ground Level Ozone is at an unhealthy level. Those with respiratory issues could be in danger. If you need more information, click here for the Connecticut Department of Energy and Environmental Protection.

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