Here we go again with yet another incident where our data could have been compromised. It turns out I am included in this group of people that may have been exposed. One of my immediate family members has this brand of cell service. T-Mobile says that they incurred a hack on servers in the United States that could have given rise to a compromise of users data and stored info. Up to two million cell users could have been exposed according to The Hacker News.

So what kind of information was leaked? T-Mobile say it was users' names, billing zip codes, cell phone numbers, email addresses, account numbers, and the type of cell account it was. Thankfully, no financial information like credit card numbers, social security numbers, etcetera was involved.

The company’s blog site stated that their security caught and shuttered an:

unauthorized capture of some information… didn’t contain any financial data or other very sensitive data…. We found it quickly and shut it down very fast.

Reportedly this happened on Monday, August 2. T-Mobile says customers who have concerns should contact the company by dialing 611.

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