Kelsea Ballerini recently joined the staff at YouTube's morning show Good Mythical Morning for a visit she will surely never forget. The "I Hate Love Songs" singer shared the morning news desk with hosts Rhett and Link as they played a game called Mammas Don't Let Your Babies Grow up to Be Web Trolls, fittingly sung to the melody of "Mammas Don't Let Your Babies Grow up to Be Cowboys."

The 12-minute clip had Ballerini and the hosts singing karaoke to bad reviews found on the internet. Each player had to select a complaint from one cowboy hat and a description of how to sing the song from another hat. The morning had Ballerini singing an Amazon review for a bad fart machine and a Nextdoor app complaint, and things got weird.

While the music for the Nextdoor app was set to a soaring heartbreak ballad, Ballerini delicately sang about her husband finding a dead parakeet in their driveway. Later, the angry Amazon review for a fart machine had Ballerini assigned to sing in "a mule-headed way." Somehow, she accomplished both with class and plenty of laughter.

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"I found many positive reviews for this product saying . . . 'The farts sound so real.' However, this machine has the most unrealistic noises I've ever heard. You can tell it is coming from a machine...'Cuz they sound really bad. DON'T BUY THIS!" Ballerini belted on cue.

That wasn't enough highjinks for the morning as Ballerini then performed her latest single, "I Hate Love Songs," with the help of the co-hosts dressed in their best country attire and mullet wigs.

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