With special solar eclipse glasses being hard to locate right now, as well as all kinds of reports out regarding how the eclipse can damage vision, I started to wonder about my dog, a Shih-Poo, named Coco, and how to keep him safe all the while. We do have a doggy door, and frequently we let Coco go outside at whim.

Partial Solar Eclipse Over Spain
Getty Images

First of all I am worried about letting him out during the eclipse because many people are saying that animals will sense the change and start to behave in a bizarre manner. As I researched this, I found no evidence that this will happen.


They don't actually make solar eclipse glasses for dogs, and I’m sure that even if they did, I wouldn’t be able to get Coco to sport them for even a few seconds, but does he need them?


Pet safety expert Melanie Monteiro who was interviewed on the Today show, says that our pets do not need eye protection the way we do. Animals do not normally look at the sun, and are not prone to eye damage the way we are.


She does suggest that pets be kept indoors during the eclipse as the best safety precaution just in case.

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