Why is this happening to me again!?

Last month, I hilariously received a friend request on Instagram from a "SamHuntOfficial." It wasn't official. Obviously, the new follower wasn't the real Sam Hunt, which was unfortunate for me. I was "Catfished" by my biggest celebrity crush, but I digress. Sam Hunt has moved on from me to a new -- real -- girlfriend and I moved on as well.

However, earlier today I got a friend request from "Chris Young" on Facebook. It looked like a promotional page for his new Christmas album, so I figured it was harmless. Of course, I was wrong. Minutes after accepting the friend request, I had a message:

Clearly this isn't Chris Young. So, I don't recommend calling that apparent "private" cell #. I think it's pretty fun, but I don't know why this keeps happening to me. I haven't posted anything about Chris Young in a while, so I'm still racking my brain as to why they've singled me out.

Oh, well. This is your warning ladies, there seems to be a fake Chris Young lurking around Facebook.  Even if this was the real Chris Young...I would be furious if he called me "baby" the first time we talked. Pshhh...


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