It was every child's dream to not only visit a treehouse but to stay in one. What if you were able to stay in treecastle instead? Whether this is something that we did or didn't do as kids, we can certainly make it happen in 2023.

The Hudson Valley is continuing to grow and with the expansion of new residents and visitors comes space and places for them to spend time.

While motels and hotels have gained traffic, popular Airbnb's have gained attention on social media. Word of mouth, great reviews and Instagram reels allow those who are looking to get away, to know more about places before reserving.

More than ever, we're able to do our own research about almost everything that we can imagine. Social media can be helpful for several reasons.

Beautiful, unique and peaceful Airbnb's have taken over in the Hudson Valley.

Escape To This Enchanting Hudson Valley Treehouse

When searching for something different, fun and peaceful to experience in the Hudson Valley, guests don't have to look far.

A Hudson Valley treecastle provides a space unlike any other Airbnb.

Have you ever stayed in a treehouse or treecastle before? Share with us below.

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Camp in a Galaxy Far Far Away in the Catskills R2 Airbnb Campsite

This out-of-this-world campsite in a galaxy far far away is just a two-hour drive from the Capital Region. If you want to unplug but have some upgraded camping amenities then this Airbnb is for you. You don't have to be a Star Wars fan to book this campsite, but if you are, then you appreciate the attention to detail. The campsite includes 2 canvas safari tents, each with a queen-sized bunk bed, 2 pop-up tents for additional campers, 2 picnic tables, fire pits, and Adirondack chairs to soak up the lake view. It also has two outhouses that are environmentally friendly. Plus there is a Coleman sun shower to rinse off.

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