Just as a rare eclipse of totality mesmerized millions of us across 13 states, it's now time for another rare event featuring cicadas.

In this first full month of spring, several states and millions of people will most definitely hear before they see incredible amounts of cicadas emerge from the ground in a site not seen nor heard in more than 200 years.

What makes this a rare moment according to Scripps News is that it involves cicadas with a 13-year life cycle and a 17-year life cycle reaching adulthood at the same time. As I mentioned above, that hasn't happened in more than 200 years.

According to Scripps News the next time this will happen, when Brood XIII and Brood XIX cicadas reach adulthood at the same time will be 2245.

Here is an incredible map from the United States Department of Agriculture where the billions could even reach the trillion mark. As you can see from the map, it appears New York, Massachusetts, and Connecticut will experience this once-in-a-lifetime event.


Around 25 states in the Midwest, South, Mid-Atlantic, and Northeast are where these two groups of cicadas will emerge from underground at some point this month (April 2024). As you're reading this maybe they already have.

This may feel like and even sound like a scary movie with massive amounts, even into the trillions spread out across the most populated part of the United States. But there's nothing to be afraid of at all according to Scripps News. Cicadas don't bite or sting. As a matter of fact there's nothing hazardous for us humans or our pets at all. Maybe just creepy. Even wild animals are just fine.

This event will last around six weeks which is how long adult cicadas can live as they mate and lay new eggs before their shells will litter the ground.

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