Most don't understand the sacrifice that restaurant owners go through in order to achieve success in Connecticut. Constant competition, changing tastes, and we're a  hot destination for New York City, Boston, and CIA educated chefs to branch into our beautiful suburbs. One of Connecticut's finest restaurants has just served up their last meal and shut down forever.

Good News Restaurant and Bar, which was located on Main Street S. in Woodbury,, has closed for good as of March 31, 2024. My dad was the first person to clue me in to Carole Peck's incredible restaurant, or, should I say Cafe? I'll always call it Good News Cafe, in the late 1990's. Good News Cafe was the very first restaurant that I ever heard the concept of 'Farm to Table'. Peck took groups of her devotees over the years on culinary journeys to her residence in France. Peck was a real life inspiration to many fine dining enthusiasts in New York and Connecticut, and everyone in my family has had the pleasure of dining in that beautiful establishment over the years.

What happens now? A new owner and concept is on the way, and they have told the Waterbury Republican-American that they will honor Peck's legacy. If that means that The Martha will live on? Time will tell. What I know is that Good News Restaurant and Bar has won every restaurant award in Connecticut over the past 30 years, and John's Cafe has a short window before their new neighbor moves in. Enjoy retirement Carole, and thank you for opening our senses with your wonderful ideas.

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