Kelsea Ballerini is looking to try her hand at acting, but don't expect her to have a role on her boyfriend Chase Stokes' show Outer Banks.

In an interview with Flaunt, the country star says she wants to expand her horizons, but she's not interested in stepping on anyone else's toes — especially when it comes to her man.

“When it comes to my relationship there’s a beautiful level of him showing up on tour, or at my respective award shows, and me getting to go to set and showing up to his events, where we just get to [be] each other’s support system in person,” she explains.

“That to me feels really safe,” she adds.

The "Heartfirst" singer says she always prioritizes music, but in 2024, "I finally have the confidence to ask myself, 'What else?'"

Ballerini has come a long way since her debut single "Love Me Like You Mean It" was released in 2014. For one, she's no longer that 19-year-old girl. Now, at age 30, she's looking to try new things that will help her grow as a person.

How Did Kelsea Ballerini and Boyfriend Chase Stokes Meet?

Rumors about the romance between Ballerini and Stokes began in January 2023, when the actor posted a photo of the two cozied up the Georgia vs. TCU football game at SoFi Stadium. The couple would keep details of their relationship under wraps until they made their first public appearance together at the 2023 CMT Awards that April.

The "If You Go Down" has also dished that she was the one that initiated a conversation with Stokes by sliding into his direct messages on social media.

Chase Stokes and Kelsea Ballerini attend the 2023 CMT Awards
Emma McIntyre, Getty Images

Will Kelsea Ballerini Write Music About Chase Stokes?

Ballerini's music made a hard turn into the realm of raw and authentic songwriting when she took fans on a deep dive of her divorce from fellow country singer Morgan Evans. The couple were married for five years before news of their split made the rounds in August of 2022.

Her next project is expected to follow suit, as she tells Flaunt, “I want to make a record about what it feels to be 30 ... what it feels like to be falling in love and feeling a new level of safety.”

“Having the space in my life to experience all of it first had to happen for it now to reflect in the music,” she adds.

She's already given fans a taste of music that is related to her new romance: The song "How Do I Do This?" reflects on what it feels like to date again after being with another person for so long.

Ballerini has remain tight-lipped about her new album, but it is in the works. Lately she has been sharing what she calls "cryptic album making content" in various photos dumps on social media.

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