I've had to cut back on takeout and restaurant spending like everyone else, but there's one thing that I will not cut back on - pizza. It's the lifeblood of Connecticut, and damnit, I have to do my part. If I'm going to have someone cook pizza for me, I want my money's worth. I want giant slices, not little puny boutique crackers with quinoa and cheddar. Got any suggestions? I'll tell you who I think, but who has the biggest slices of pizza in Connecticut?

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The average price for a large pizza has risen from $20 to $30 over the past two years, even from the crappy pizza joints. One place that has never disappointed me is in Oakville, it's Martino's Pizzeria on Davis Street. Martino's is truly 'The Home of The Giant Slice'. I got a large Eggplant Parm pizza over the weekend, and each slice spilled over our dinner plates.

Photo by Large Dave
Photo by Large Dave

My friends who live in West Hartford believe that they have Connecticut's biggest slices at two local pizza restaurants - Angelina's Pizzeria on Prospect Ave, and Harry's Bishops Corner Pizza on North Main. My New Haven and Fairfield County friends said the usual suspects - Pepe's, Bar, Colony Grill, and even Roseland Pizza in Derby. It seems to me the further North you go into Connecticut, the bigger the slices get.

So, tell me about Litchfield's biggest slice, you too Middletown, and Danbury. Who gives you the biggest slab of mootz and pepperoni for your buck?

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