What is an Italian ghosts favorite meat? Gaba-GHOUL. Okay, now that we got that out of the way, did you know there's a haunted Italian restaurant in Warwick?

I've heard of a Happy Meal before, but a Haunted Meal? I guess there's a first for everything.

Haunted History Trail of NY Spotlights Hudson Valley

Haunted History Trail of New York has been coming in hot sharing a bunch of local haunts with spooky pasts and tales. I came across a post from the 'History Trail' account back in July putting the spotlight on Silvio's Villa in Warwick.

Silvio's Villa has been serving up authentic Italian cuisine since 1993 and is housed in " a charming 18th-century building." From the Yelp reviews, it sounds like a fantastic restaurant. One guest wrote 'Great experience!  Valentina was a warm, convivial host.
The dining room was decorated beautifully and the service was great. My server Lucas was very charming and accommodating."

While service was warm and friendly in present day, stories of Silvio's haunted history will send a chill down your spine.


Ghostly Experience at Silvio's Villa in Warwick, NY

You know you're in a haunted location when a paranormal/ghost hunting show stops by for a visit. Haunted History Trail reports that SyFy's Paranormal Collector filmed at the Warwick restaurant and captured "electronic Voice Phenomenon, glowing orbs, and rapidly wilting flowers."

Not only that but staff has reported "a door opening on its own, missing objects, and the apparition of a little girl." Plus, a paranormal investigator left with "deep scratches" which they believe is from a female spirit.

And lastly, there's a certain table in the dining area that is treated to some strange happenings. Haunted History Trail explains on their website writing " Diners at Table 24, seated beneath the site of a tragic suicide, are often treated to a bit of unusual activity with their dinner."

You can book a reservation at Silvio's Villa for dinner, but they also offer guided ghost tours. Give them a call at  845–987–1500.




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