There are a ton of things we can get a ticket for while driving, so I want to make sure I'm not telling my 16-year-old daughter the wrong thing when it comes to entering a roundabout in Poughkeepsie.

If you are a parent of a 16-year-old like me, then you already know that teaching them to safely drive a car can be scary and sometimes a little frustrating. After driving for so many years we often forget that there are a million things that we need to remember to do while we are behind the wheel of a car.

Things like putting your seat belt on, paying attention to your speed, make sure you use your blinkers when turning. Most of those things become second nature after you drive for a while, it's like our brains become programmed to do certain things every time we drive but what about using your blinker when you aren't really turning? Let me explain...

Teaching a Teen to Drive in the Hudson Valley

My teenage daughter is currently driving on a New York State learner permit and if you can remember being 16, you know that means whenever she is with me all she wants to do is drive! I'm glad that she wants to learn and feels comfortable enough to drive with me in the car but every once and a while she will ask me something regarding what and what not to do behind the wheel that I'm not sure how to answer.

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Entering a Roundabout in Poughkeepsie

Over the last few weeks, we have been driving on the same roads in Poughkeepsie and just yesterday something happened while we were approaching the roundabout on Salt Point Turnpike near Creek Road confused me. We've been practicing on the same roads for a few weeks so we've been around the traffic circle a bunch of times. The first time we approached it a few weeks ago she turned her blinker on before we entered and I told her that you don't need to put it on when you enter a roundabout, you only need to use it when you exit.

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She went on to tell me that she thinks I'm wrong and that she can remember someone saying differently. I responded in my "dad" voice, "OK! Just follow my instructions LOL!" Fast forward to last night as we were approaching the same roundabout, we were behind a Town of Poughkeepsie Police car and as they went to enter the same roundabout, the police car turned its blinker on before it entered. As soon as they did it, she turned to me and said "I TOLD YOU!!!"


Do You Use Your Blinker When You Enter a Roundabout?

Told me? I'm almost positive that the police car added the blinker for the heck of it and didn't need to use it. I don't think you can get a ticket if you don't use your blinker when entering a roundabout, right? Help a dad win an argument over his teen daughter...LOL! Text us through the Wolf country app.

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