We ❤ Beekman, or is it Poughquag?

Whichever it is, we are celebrating both of them all week long, as they are the Wolf "Hometown of the Week"! We get asked all the time, how does a town get picked to be the hometown of the week? It takes one phone call and a little bit of luck.

Every Monday at 6:45 a.m. we open the phones at the Wolf for one lucky listener to call us and pick one of the twenty towns that are on the hometown of the week, "wheel O' towns". Whatever town it lands, we celebrate them all week long by sharing facts and things to do if we ever find ourselves in the lucky town.

This week the wheel landed on Beekman and as we got the celebration underway, a bit of confusion started with the difference between Beekman, Poughquag, and Stormville. Leave it to the Wakin' Up with CJ and Jess Show to cause confusion...LOL! We did, but we also got some clarification on a few things.

Everything I Thought was in Beekman has A Poughquag Address

Let's start with the Beekman Diner on Route 55, their address is Poughquag, BUT it's the Beekman Diner...LOL! When I lived in Poughquag I would stop at least once a week for lunch, if you've never been try it! The same goes for one of my kid's favorite parks, the Beekman Recreation site is a great place to swim and play in the summer, but again Poughquag, not Beekman...LOL!

Beekman is the Town

To try and clear everything up Kelly from Clinton Corners texted us, "I just passed the sign going to Green Haven that says the town of Beekman includes the hamlets of Beekmanville, Poughquag, and Stormville." Angela also called us to share the same thing, and if you search on Wikipedia for Poughquag, it sends you to the Beekman page.‍♂️

Home to the First Firehouse in Dutchess County

Joe, a member of the Beekman Fire Department called to share that Beekman was the first of the 8 original towns in Dutchess County to have a firehouse. The first Dutchess County Firehouse was located where the Beekman Town Hall is now.

Eddie Murphy Lived in Beekman?

Jerry called us to share that when he lived in the area he remembers that actor/comedian Eddie Murphy once had a place in the area, he said it was called the Avon Estates. We can't confirm it but love Jerry so much that we are taking his word for it.

Is there something you can tell us about Beekman? Text us anytime through the Wolf app.

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