Started reading the news today, ya know, so I can give you the info that you NEED to know and I am appalled at my oversight yesterday. It was National Nacho Day!? Oh my oh my, I missed it! I didn't stuff my face with a plate full of nachos nor did I let anyone else know that they need to stuff their face with chips, melted cheese, beans, whatever you like to top yours with!

So- let's just pretend that National Nacho day is today and let's redeem ourselves. Nachos! Cheese! Chips! oh boy!! Now my stomach is REALLY grumbling. What is your favorite Mexican place to go to? I think El Coyote in Brookfield is pretty good. I am also a big fan of my neighborhood bar, O'Neill's in Norwalk. Great food and great service. All in all, nachos, always a good time! don't you agree? DON'T FORGET THE SOUR CREAM! GOTTA HAVE IT!

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