Earlier this week, social media in the Hudson Valley was full of stories about 54 Miniature Pinschers and 3 other breed dogs who were found living in what could only be described as beyond deplorable conditions.

According to an article shared with me that was written by Mary Esparra for Tail of the Week on Marys-Sheltertails.org, a total of 57 dogs ranging in age from 8 months to 7 years were living in unsurvivable conditions while being fed a diet that included rancid meat.

57 Dogs Rescued by the HVSPCA  Newburgh, New York

Hudson Valley SPCA - Orange County via Facebook
Hudson Valley SPCA - Orange County via Facebook

Mary's article goes on to explain how the dogs were discovered and then rescued. It is difficult to read her account of the situation even if you aren't a dog lover.

The man who was housing the dogs initially did not cooperate. The HVSPCA began its investigation on August 5th but wasn't able to seize the dogs until August 12th. A humane law enforcement officer, Gene Hecht, was on the investigation from the start on the 5th.

When Gene obtained the search and seizure warrant, Matt and several of our very committed volunteers met Gene at the location and proceeded to spend hours digging through the rubble to make sure no animal was left behind (via Tail of the Week)

Working to save the dogs was by no means pleasant but the reward of knowing that the dogs are now safe and cared for makes it so worthwhile. The condition the dogs were living in according to Mary's article was described as horrific and the odor from the location was overwhelming.

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The hope is that all of the dogs will be able to be rehabilitated and will eventually find good homes. In the meantime, the HudsonValley SPCA needs help. These dogs arrive shortly after another rescue of 14 dogs from a different location. The HVSPCA is hoping that people can help. They are aware that it is back-to-school time and that expenses are up but anything you can contribute will go a long way.

Hudson Valley SPCA - Orange County via Facebook
Hudson Valley SPCA - Orange County via Facebook

Help the HVSPCA with the 57 Miniature Pinschers Rescued from Greenville, NY

Donations are desperately needed to help the HVSPCA with vet bills for these 57 dogs and can be sent to Hudson Valley SPCA-Orange County, 940 Little Britain Road, New Windsor, NY 12553 or made at https://www.hudsonvalleyspca.com/donations.

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