A parent's worst nightmare has allegedly happened in Newburgh and it was caught on a surveillance camera.

A decision many parents struggle with when their children are younger is who they can trust to take care of their children when they are not home. Some parents are lucky enough to have family that can care for their kids when they are at work or out of town but not everyone has that option.

A Good Babysitter is Hard to Find

If family isn't an option many parents have to hire someone to either watch their children at an out-of-the-house location or at home and fully trusting that person to take care of your child is something many of us struggle with. Why? Many are worried that something like what happened to a mother in Newburgh will happen to them.


Newburgh, NY Mom Watches as Babysitter Slaps Her Son

Imagine being at work and opening up your home security system and seeing a video of your child being hit by the person you left them with to be cared for. It's a nightmare most parents can imagine happening but that is what happened to a Newburgh mom on Monday according to CBS. Kristla Holmes was shocked when she opened her phone at work on Monday and saw what was happening at her house.

Holmes told CBS that she watched in horror as her babysitter, Chantal Mason, was seen on the video covering the child with a blanket and then flipping and slapping her 2-year-old son repeatedly on the back. Holmes said that Mason had watched her kids before and never suspected any abuse but after her Ring camera kept pinging Monday afternoon, detecting motion from the living room she decided to check to see what was going on.

Holmes checked in with Mason to see what was going on,

"She told me that he just woke up, she fed him, and he was laying on the couch watching TV. So when I checked the camera, that's not what he was doing. He was hysterically crying."

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We have chosen not to post the video here, but if you'd like to see it you can watch it here, but beware it is difficult to watch.

Newburgh Babysitter Arrested

After seeing the abuse on video Holmes rushed home and called police, who then placed Manson under arrest and charged her with endangering the welfare of a child. Holmes told CBS what Mason's punishment should be, "She deserves to be in jail. I want her in jail." The 2-year-old suffered minor bruising from the attack. Mom is thankful she had the cameras because it could have been much worse had it gone undetected.

Holmes shared her story with CBS as a warning to other parents,

"You can't trust nobody. You cannot trust your kids' godparents. You can't trust a long friend. You can't trust nobody. Watch your own kids, protect your own kids."

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