Ah, Friday, the most beloved day of the week. Seriously, if you had to be a day of the week, wouldn't you want to be Friday? What could possibly make it better? Duh! A cat video, of course.

Meow! It's Feline Friday!

To celebrate the end of the week and the beginning of summer, I found the purrfect cat video to get this season, and this weekend, started. The following three minutes of purrfection stars a very famous kitty celebrity. The one and only Grumpy Cat. She is joined by other famous friends Nala Cat, Oskar & Klaus, and Hamilton the Hipster Cat. It's a very cat-chy tune, one that is sure to go straight to number one on the charts. Don't worry, the lyrics are included on the video so you can meow right along.

 Happy Feline Friday, happy caturday, happy weekend and happy summer. Meow!

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