Happy Feline Friday. As I scour the internet each week in search of a cat video to share with you to help you start your weekend off the right way, you can imagine that there are so many to choose from.

However, I purrsonally know several cats who make every one of my days start off the right way, so I decided to introduce them to you from time to time.

Let me start by introducing you to my Grandkitty, Zefram Cochrane Francese. By the way, if you are a Star Trek fan then you will know that he was named after "Zefram Cochrane" who was the first human to create a warp drive system. Zefram the cat is every bit as feisty as a ginger cat should be and he fully takes after his father (my son, Johnny).

Living by his own set of kitty rules is part of Zefram's feline charm. As I said, like father, like son.

Happy Feline Friday, Happy Caturday! =^..^=

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