I love stories like this. I sometimes wonder what my cats would do if they faced a similar situation. Since I keep a stash of cat treats in my bedroom -- I'm that kind of mom -- I'm sure that they would save my life.

Well, what a story I have for you.

According to the Edmonton Journal last week, in a mobile home in Clairmont, everyone was sleeping soundly. Then, suddenly, at 3:30 am the lady of the house had a rude awakening.

It seems the family cat had bitten her while she was asleep. Before she could get angry at the fanged furry feline, she realized that kitty was trying to save her and her family’s lives. The mobile home where they all lives in was on fire. Mom, dad, and two children were awakened in time to get out.

Grande Prairie Fire Department told BuzzFeed News that not only did the occupants escape safely, there were no injuries and they were also able to save a second cat in the mobile home.

Yeah, ok, now tell me how you don't like cats. Fur-gedabowit -- I'm not listening.


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